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The name's Sam Kennedy, and I'm graduate of the Tyler School of Art in Philly. After completing their GAID program (with a focus in Interactive design) I found myself working in NYC. I've been from the Shore, to Brooklyn and back! I have a passion for sewing and cute, quirky crafted things, and I find dyeing to be one of the most relaxing things in the universe. When I'm not wandering around in the wilds, I frequent tea shops and toy stores.

I've currently taken a break from the agency lifestyle in order to pursue my other passions in life, but my experiences there were incredibly valuable. I worked on everything from print to digital - IMO, a varied skill set is important (and I can vouch it's saved my rear end more than a handful of times!)

Specialties: Web and mobile/tablet design, email design & coding, banner ad/video storyboards & animation (Flash, gif), brand style guide creation & maintenance, art direction. (But also:) Print ads and other needs, experience with UX/UI, responsive design, PowerPoint template creation, illustration, tea-making, photo retouching and infographics.

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